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One-page summary of Geoff’s Autobiography

As a child, I had obsessive tendencies, poor concentration, and Tourette’s tics. My performance at school was poor. I started work when I was 15 years old and my performance was still poor. At age 17, I was being tortured by obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At age 33, I discovered how all my disorders were functionally linked. This was the beginning of my understanding. I then began to overcome my OCD, which further increased my understanding of this link.

At age 35, I was no longer tortured by OCD symptoms. I began full-time study. I completed two pre-tertiary courses with hard work and tutoring. Then disability concessions enabled me to complete an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology. Eight years of study helped to extend my personal understanding of this functional link.

At age 43, I was excited about working in human services. However, poor concentration caused me to fail. I tried labouring jobs, and poor concentration caused more failure. Hence, there were no disability concessions in the workplace. More activities dropped out of my life. I was now a hyperactive person without activity. I began to suffer with episodes of anger and sadness.

Understanding how my brain worked did not help my state of mind. My episodes of anger and sadness continued for a long time.

At age 55, I began to practice meditation. And meditation slowly healed my mind.
At age 64, I finished writing this book.

Geoff Kanofski

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